Technology for a student…



What inspires me is….

The Zest and the zeal, enthusiasm to learn and the satisfaction of development, workdone inspires me to move ahead.

Collaborative Learning with NZ

Skype was held with Grade 10 n 11 students on case study “Sports Tribunal” with Mr Geoff, (HOD Env Health),New Zealand. Students were divided into five groups where each group did their research work related to their case studies on which to base their arguments. Each group was given 5 minutes to state their arguments with a 1-minute rebuttal.Students gave written feedback to Mrs Poonam Dogra(IT teacher). They told that this was an interesting case study to debate on. So they have learnt today is “The greatest wealth is health.” ‪#‎mieexpert15‬

Skype with NZ

My journey for Microsoft Expert Educator begin with the tasks where I had involved students to provide them a base for not only their development but my individual development as a whole…

Skype was held with Grade 9 students. They had the case study on ” Court of Appeals” between the Rosmini College(New Zealand) and Rayat International School (India). Every group had done research work related to case study published on which to bias their arguments and Indian Law regarding “accident compensation”,”court bias”. So, overall the learning outcome was students get awared about court dealings, their responsibilities and care for others.

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