Diversified way of PROJECTS..

Undoubtedly, the diversified learning activities provided in the projects maximize the degree of interactions among students. Students also presented their presentation to the whole world school, receiving feedback from students, teachers and parents.

All the activities which  a teacher conducted during the project helps the students carry out future exploratory & discovery study of the other environment. It also helps the students to look into the issues, dilemmas & problems teachers raised before , observed by themselves during the project & discussed after the project for presentation purposes.

So, it helps students environmental or subject related education learning takes place in a more diversified way & such learning is no longer confined to a simple linear pattern. Instead, students are able to see the multiple relationships among the variations.


Blended learning within the classroom…

Learning takes place within a web of social relationships as teachers & pupils interact both formally & informally. The road to developing cultural awareness & proficiency, especially in schools & community that are not diverse, is not an easy one. Rayat are taking small steps towards becoming a more culturally proficient organisation, & it begins with small successes in classrooms & schools but we must make global learning more widespread & available to all students, families & teachers.


Acquiring 21st Century skills is a two way process. Those skills are essential for our students,future & also for our personal & professional development. We make impact & a point more efficiently when we lead by example & teach by example.Our students learn more willingly when technology & innovative pedagogical approaches inspire & motivate them.