Ways Office Mix Will Transform How You Teach

“Education is not which evolves in an area but blooms when cross the boundary of mind, area, nation & sharing.

The Revolution that could change the way your child is taught.

I believe that great teachers are made, not born-& my ideas are transforming education as “WE CREATE THE FUTURE.”


  • For Professional Development
  • Students feel confident in their presentation pitch & make a statement without too much hassle.
  • Ability to integrate web content into slides
  • Enables flipped classroom in blended learning & becoming powerful beam for enhancing student learning.
  • OFFICE MIX is used to improve learning.
  • Students end-to-end solutions begins here.
  • A great tool to create educational screenshots & tutorials.
  • It helps students to record our powerpoints for Flipped Classroom purposes.

I saw Office Mix as a potentially useful tool for every school/ organization. I decided to put the Office Mix preview to the test. The good news – Office Mix is super easy to work with.

My first Office mix:


Office Mix is a PowerPoint plug-in that allows teachers and students to easily create recorded online (or offline) PowerPoint presentations. The Mix presentations can be saved as MP4 video files or they can be uploaded to Office Mix servers in the cloud for a more interactive experience. This is an easy to use tool that all teachers should learn more about, especially those interested in flipping their classroom with pre-recorded lessons. Office Mix, the PowerPoint “superset” that allows users to annotate slides, add audio and video, and embed

interactive elements like quizzes and then host them on OfficeMix.com, began as an attempt by Microsoft Research to help teachers in the classroom. Office Mix is free to download and use, and free to upload “mixes” up to OfficeMix.com. Once you install Office Mix, its controls become available under a tab in the Ribbon, and you gain the ability to record actions like inking or animation onto a slide, or record audio and/or video, or both together (the inking or animation will be synced with the audio/video on playback), or create slides with quizzes or preprocessed videos.  You’re then able to manipulate those slides just as you would any other PowerPoint objects: resizing the objects on a slide, or rearranging, adding, or subtracting slides from the deck.  Once you’ve completed your deck, you then upload it to OfficeMix.com while setting some privacy controls, etc., and then share it with students, co-workers, business associates, or whoever your planned audience is. With many of Office Mix’s users already familiar with PowerPoint, “mixing” and re-using content created with Office Mix becomes an easy and natural way to build out content.  An Office Mix enabled slide can be moved, manipulated, shared and re-used, allowing creators to edit and expand their presentations easily, while still taking advantage of Office Mix’s unique capabilities.

Office Mix slide decks, uploaded and hosted on OfficeMix.com, which in effect provides a “player” for the presentations, are stored as HTML5 documents, and are embeddable using either the OEmbed or Embed.ly open source protocols, or they can even be embedded into Office 365 Video sites.

For analytics:


You can easily create multiple-choice questions throughout the Mix with the correct answer, or simply add a poll. This allows the creator of the Mix to see analytics for each slide, and if the user is logged in you will also see the username. This is helpful as you can see if all students completed each slide or if they skipped around.

https://mix.office.com/watch/dvytwn7p6bpz (ONLINE QUIZ  Created by students)

Office Mix, as the name implies, allows teachers and students to easily create presentations with a mix of text, audio, video, images, and interactive polls.


The familiar PowerPoint interface greatly reduces the learning curve and the ability to re-record each slide takes the pressure off from trying to be perfect throughout the entire presentation.

I see so many uses of Office Mix for educators. It can be used in primary grades to easily create and record slideshows. Creating voice-over photo albums for storytelling, fieldtrips, and school related events is a cinch. It is so easy to use. Just insert a slide, go to the Mix tab in PowerPoint and hit the record button, press stop when finished, then export the video or Mix, that’s it!

You can record multiple slides with ease and each slide can be recorded independently. That means if you mess up on slide 5 you simply re-record slide 5 and leave the others alone. This takes the pressure off of being perfect throughout the entire presentation.

As a student I like the ability to jump to any slide in the presentation using the slide markers at the bottom of the screen. There is even a vertical slider bar in the lower right-hand corner that allows you to adjust the playback speed of the presentation up to 2.0x time. I recommend listening at normal speed the first time, but for reviewing content speeding up the playback can save time. Speeding up the playback also requires you to listen more intently to keep up with the pace for reviews.

Another feature to mention is that Office Mix provides a built-in screencast tool. The Office Mix plug-in is free and if you do not already have a screencast recording tool Office Mix is worth checking out for this feature alone.

To learn more click on the link below to get started with Office Mix:




According to me, such education should be beyond school or limited boundaries & should reach the masses by providing education to deserving but deprived classes.

“Every sphere of learning reflects both opportunities of growth & issues of learning”.

We know that we are the keeper of the classroom & shaper of minds. However , at the core, we are students.

Learning everyday, improving as we grow. Solving problems. So let’s face it. We are a kind of big deal….with lot on our plate.


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